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  • Why Kleur-rijk

Kleur-rijk (Full-of-colour), a division of Femma, is for women who are or were in a bicultural relationship. Kleur-rijk brings women together and gives them support.


  • Giving information

Kleur-rijk spreads information about the various aspects of mixed relationships. Topics such as educating children, relationships, racism or intercultural learning are covered in our workshops or longer formations over several days. For the legal dos and don’ts we refer you to the appropriate person or organisation.


  • Sharing experiences

Women of all ages and colours are welcome to our low threshhold activities. Meeting each other and sharing our experiences, that is what it is all about. To think about things and live them together. To always be on the lookout for answers to questions great and small. During a casual chat, a cosy meal or a film show.


  • Spreading our vision

We do not hide our vision of a society full of colour. We are heard at meetings and conferences and participate in society’s debate of the multicultural way of life.
Kleur-rijk is run by unremunerated volunteers. We are a department of Femma, a major Dutch language Belgian women’s group, and we area member of ECB (European Conference of binational Relationships).


Nationalestraat 111
2000 Antwerpen (België)
Tel.: +32 (0) 477 84 71 52

Mail : info[at]


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